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Ten lectures taught by experts from Austria, the United States, Sweden and Slovenia with the focus on the following topics (subject to change):

  1. Introduction to Academic Legal Writing: Legal Writing as Element of a Research Process and related exercises - prof. Florian Heindler & prof. Jürgen Busch (Austria)
  2. Case Reading and Argumentation - prof. Lurene Contento (USA)
  3. Problem Solving & Negotiations - prof. Lurene Contento (USA)
  4. Clear and Concise Legal Writing - prof. Kimberly Y. W. Holst (USA)
  5. Analogical Reasoning & Synthesizing Precedent - prof. Kimberly Y. W. Holst (USA)
  6. Plagiarism - prof. Mary Nagel (USA)
  7. Overview of U.S. Legal Systems - prof. Mary Nagel (USA)
  8. How to Write an Article or a PhD in Law - prof. Mauro Zamboni (Sweden)
  9. Experience in Moot-Courting and Relevance of Moot Courting for a Legal Career - prof. Ana Vlahek (Slovenia)
  10. US and European Models of Studying / US Legal System as an Inspiration to the European Lawyer - prof. Klemen Podobnik (Slovenia)